Ravenswood one of Australia’s most innovative schools

Posted : 07 November 2022

Ravenswood has been named one of Australia’s most innovative schools for the fourth year by The Educator, selected on the 5-Star Innovative Schools 2022 list.

This list recognises 46 schools from across the country at the forefront of change and innovation. From teaching approaches to learning spaces and curriculum design, the report looks at schools reshaping the future of education.

Ravenswood was recognised for its annual innovations in design and delivery of the multi-layered Positive Education curriculum and teaching approaches across the School. The Schools innovative learning spaces including the new Senior Learning Centre was also acknowledged. The new Ravenswood Prep featuring a curriculum infused with the School’s own Positive Education and Wellbeing approach, as well as the Ravenswood Residential College new wellbeing room were also some of the key elements recognised by the judges that contributed to Ravenswood being honoured as one of Australia’s most innovative schools.

Principal Mrs Anne Johnstone reflects, ‘‘I am so delighted and proud that Ravenswood has been named as one of Australia’s most innovative schools. This award acknowledges our staff team’s forward-thinking work in pedagogy, well-being, and in the creation of learning environments, in order to offer an enriching, and innovative educational experience for all our students. We strive to live out our school motto, semper ad meliora - always towards better things, in equipping and empowering our girls in their learning experiences and supporting their well-being.’

Ravenswood was also named on The Educator 5-Star Innovative Schools list in 2018, 2019 and 2020.